Bossa Collection – Swimwear infused with Brazilian vibes

We present you with Bossa our latest collection of swimwear infused with Brazilian Vibes.

What to say about a bikini with a huge pattern that reminds you of the patterns of Copacabana sidewalk, the girl from ipanema, the Christ statue or the elegant pattern from leblon’s sidewalk?

Girls wearing the Bossa Kalille Bikini set with the Helena Kimono on the Bossa print over it. The scenery is a stair case sorrounded by palm trees and loads of green.

Bossa Collection – The Concept

Bringing together the concept for the 2022/23 collection which started with the kitegirl’s “stereotype” in mind, strong independent, sexy, adventurous and a color pallet of pale disaturated tons of coral, turquoise black and white became a journey to infuse the energy and the Brazilian Vibes in the very core of this latest development.

And it’s crucial we face the historical moment of when it’s concept was built: post pandemic strike, we are finally aware of our nature, full power and ready to break free.

So I finally face the challenge of designing a print that would bring the collage, illustration, modern vibe techniques and the full symbolic energy that comes from the biggest Brazilian symbol which is the city of Rio de Janeiro.

For those who have had the chance to be in town, you know what I am talking about. There are about few cities in the world that carry such strong energy, and Rio is definitely one of them.

Bringing Bossa was one of the biggest challenges of my career so far, because of the amount of symbolism involved in one print that ended up transcending to an entire collection. 

The Garota de Ipanema in our contemporary context of being strong, independent, literally tough girls but still feminine, sexy, and adventurous.

The return to our swimwear infused with Brazilian DNA

Bossa marks the return of Yemoja Brazil, in a post pandemic context, a new phase, with new approach on where and how the company wants to keep developing and the swimwear infused with Brazilian vibes is in our DNA. 

With that we start this new chapter praising the women that are part of Yemoja’s history by naming every single one of our pieces after them.   

Women that inspire us and bring their energy to our creations,  these amazing women that contribute into building  Yemoja’s spirit by being so authentic. 

From the classic, easy to wear and sexy Islla bikini set, passing by the Kalille set, with it’s elegant high waist and square cleavage cut  to the very sporty Sabrina wetsuit, with a 3D cut pattern that makes it the most comfortable onepiece for sports ever designed by us. 

Easy, elegant, sexy and yet comfortable and functional

The introduction of the concept of easy, elegant, sexy and functional comes along on every piece fully and newly designed for this collection. 

We brought the prints to the spotlight of a concept of easy wear that can be carried from the beach to the casual lifestyle.

If there is one word to describe the feminine figure that inspires the brand and our creations behind it I would say is free.

Yemoja is designed for the free women in every aspect of freedom you can think of and the comfort that naturally comes with it.

You can check out Bossa Collection here. 

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