Lagoinha hidden kiteboarding paradise

So it was mid November and we got a call from a couple of friends who are also avid kiteboarders and asked if we were interested in escaping from cumbuco for a weekend and trying out this new spot.

They said “it’s the perfect spot for you”. Excellent wind conditions, epic waves considering the coast of Ceará, and a spot for practing some freestyle. What could we ask more?

We had been shifting between Cumbuco and Taiba for 1,5 months and of course we were eager to find out about more kitespots that would fit our quite eclectic taste.

Lagoinha is what the place is called and what a dream destination for wave and freestyle kiteboarding! It is a true kiteboarding paradise!

Lagoinha Beach – kiteboarding paradise

So we drove for a bit longer than an hour to get there from Cumbuco Beach. 

Road is perfect, we obviously had to stop at the Pecém roundabout gas station for gas and because it is always nice snacks at the Ibis hotel’s restaurant which is open to the public and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

We were eager to try new spots that would fit our wave riding and freestyle goals and so far only cumbuco (cauipe + pico das almas) and Taíba (lagoa do kite + taibinha) were places that fit those requirements. 


The kitespot – perfect conditions

One of the main reasons why we drove to Lagoinha is for the excellent wind conditions. 

The conditions are so attractive that it’s no wonder that it has become a top destination for kiteboarders from around the world. 

The strong and steady winds make it possible to kite all day, every day.

The 1m waves were super fun to ride, and we couldn’t get enough of them. In fact, during the months of November, the waves get even better, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a swell.

Also with the rising tide the waves get bigger too.

For freestyle kiteboarding, the lagoa do Jegue is the go-to spot. However, compared to Cauipe and Taiba, the lagoon is kind of small.

Nevertheless, the lagoon is a famous spot in the region, so most kiteschools located nearby will be there eventually for lessons when the conditions are favorable.

Just be aware that it can get packed and frustrating if the lagoon is all that you’re looking forward to ride on.


Landscape – hidden gem of the west coast

Aside from the amazing conditions, Lagoinha also boasts stunningly beautiful landscapes. 

It’s the only beach on the west coast of Ceará that has “falesias,” which are steep red sanded cliffs that offer a breathtaking view of the ocean.

During our stay, we chose to stay at Pousada Mar à Vista, and we loved every second of it. The pousada is simple, but comfortable, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. Every room has air conditioning, hot water, and a mini fridge, which is a plus.


Accomodation – the view

The best part about staying at Pousada Mar à Vista was the view. The location is on top of a hill, so the view of the ocean from the rooms is simply unique. 

We also enjoyed the view from the balcony where they serve breakfast and we made sure to set our digital nomad station for work before the kite sesh! 

We even got our own personal drone reminder to let us know when to get ready for the kite sesh! 

The pousada also has a nice bar that serves delicious caipirinha drinks, which is the perfect way to end a long day of kite.



Dinner – Brazilian grilled barbecue and fish

In addition to the incredible kiteboarding conditions and beautiful scenery, we also had an amazing experience at the restaurant Lagero during our stay in Lagoinha.

This restaurant is truly a hidden gem and a must-visit spot for any foodies out there. The menu is full of delicious Brazilian specialties, but their grilled meat and fish dishes were particularly outstanding.

We couldn’t get enough of the perfectly grilled meat and fish, it  was the ultimate Brazilian dining experience, and we left feeling completely satisfied and grateful for the experience.



Lagoinha trully is a dream kitespot 

Overall, we had an incredible time in Lagoinha and would definitely recommend it to any kiteboarders looking for a new spot to explore. With its beautiful landscape, fantastic wind and wave conditions, comfortable accommodations, amazing food and drinks, Lagoinha truly has it all.

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