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Swim and sports wear infused with Brazilian energy

Yemoja Brazil is a brand that creates swim and sports wear infused with the vibrant and energetic spirit of Brazil. Founded by Ligia Masab, a Brazilian girl with a passion for watersports and a love for the ocean, the brand has been in operation for over six years.

The story of Yemoja Brazil begins over 25 years ago, when the founder first discovered her love for the ocean by spending days windsurfing, diving, and exploring the breathtaking beaches of Brazil. As she travelled around the country, she became enchanted by the vibrant culture and lively spirit of the Brazilian people.

Inspired by the beauty of their surroundings and the boundless energy of their fellow Brazilians, she decided to create a brand that would capture the essence of her homeland. And so, Yemoja Brazil was born.

From the vibrant colors and bold patterns of their swimsuits to the comfortable and durable fabric of their sports wear, Yemoja Brazil has something for everyone. Whether you’re hitting the beach for a day of kitesurfing or heading to the cable for a session, Yemoja Brazil has you covered.

Today, Yemoja Brazil is dedicated to creating products that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the ocean, and they are committed to doing their part to protect it for future generations. So, Yemoja Brazil is a perfect choice for those who love the ocean and want to look and feel their best while enjoying all it as their second habitat.


At Yemoja Brazil, we believe in the power of connection to nature and to our roots. Our brand is inspired by the vibrant and diverse culture of Brazil, with a special focus on the ocean and watersports. The name Yemoja, which means “mother of those who are like fish” in the Yoruba language, reflects our respect for the natural world and our desire to nurture and protect it.

We are passionate about creating products that not only reflect the laid-back, adventurous spirit of Brazil, but also embody our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. From our beach-ready clothing and accessories, we strive to make a positive impact on the planet and on the communities we serve.

At Yemoja Brazil, we believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, with a sense of adventure, playfulness, and respect for all living things. We invite you to join us on this journey, and to make your own meaningful connections with the world around you.

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